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Printing in Hong Kong Has Never Been Simple

Rely on an ultra-fast turnaround and high-quality no matter what printing you need in Hong Kong. The MBE Print Shop has the specialist team of printers and graphic designers who can handle your project, no matter the size.

Do you need to print a huge run of advertising leaflets in the thousands? Do you need to design and print a single over-scale poster? Or do you just need a few documents, notes or postcards printing out to give a little joy to your friends and family?

Whatever you need, the MBE Print Shop makes it easy for you.

Get an incredibly quick turnaround on any printing project. You can set your deadline for as little as an hour from now. Just what you need for those time-critical projects.

Printed Products

Graphic design expertise ready to call on. The team in your local MBE Center can advise you on how to make a few final finishing touches to perfect your existing designs. Or they can provide comprehensive assistance through every stage of the design process.

Print any format of project you have in mind. From leaflets to notebooks to bound booklets to posters to business cards. Whatever you need to print, you'll find the latest equipment and trained experts behind the desk of your local MBE Center.

Create Flyers Which Really Make an Impact

MBE handles flyers printing for dozens of businesses in Hong Kong and around the world every single day. From glossy, high-quality designs and brochures to the most cost-effective solution possible, you'll always be able to get the advertising literature which meets your goals and your budget.

Digital and offset printing expertise. Whether you want to prioritise quality, quantity or find the ideal balance between the two, we've got the right tools for the job.

Make sure your flyers will really convert. Count on the graphic designers in your local MBE Center to offer a few last-minute suggestions to make sure your advertising really hits home with your target audience. It's the safest way to ensure that your flyers and leaflets will be saved rather than said goodbye to forever.

Choose Business Cards Printing in Hong Kong Ideal For Any Global Market

Where do you and your firm do business? Make sure that your cards will be ideal for potential partners in any global business culture with a little design advice from MBE's business cards printing experts.

Make sure your cards are keepers. As a business professional, you'll regularly receive a great many cards each week. You'll understand all too well that you can't remember them all. Tweak your design or get advice from the very start and make your card stand out from the crowd.

Any size of print run - even on the shortest deadline. Your business cards printing can take as little as an hour if you really need it to. The MBE print shop handles all sizes of print run for major corporations, single executives and small business owners around the globe.

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