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Ideal for all commercial or home purposes, get your notes printing in Hong Kong handled by MBE when you want to balance high quality and cost-effectiveness.

No matter what you need to mass-produce notes for, MBE provides completely hassle-free service. You can get your product line or handy personal or business references and reminders turned around and printed out on the same day - and often much sooner.

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Note Templates

Technical Specification

Bleed Size

96x96 mm

Trim Size

90x90 mm

Safety size

84x84 mm


300 dpi

Color Space

Convert your design to CMYK for more accurate colors

Acceptable File Formats


Bleed area

This is the area which the background color/graphics should cover if it is printed to the edge of the product.

Trim area

This is where final cut will be made to make your product the final size. That's why we have the bleed area - to make sure your background comes right to the edge.

Safe area

Any text or graphics placed inside the dotted line is safe from trimming. Important elements should be placed within the safe area.

Bleed area
Trim area
Safe area

Print your own designs or choose from a handy high-quality range. You can quickly and easily upload your designs ready for printing or make your choice from our own extensive range of pre-existing notes and related options.

Rely on a little professional design advice. You can get one of MBE's print specialists to check over your designs just prior to printing. Plus, we offer complete design advice when all you have is a goal or a concept.

Get the best deal on your print run. Does it make more sense to pay for the number of copies you've ordered? Whichever gets you the best value, you'll often find several different options when it comes to calculating the price of your run.

Arrange delivery to your door. Whether you ordered online or in-person from your local MBE Center, we'll be happy to set up a swift and cost-effective delivery of your finished batch of notes to your home or business address.

Call us today, reach out to us online or knock on the door of your local MBE Center to get your latest batch of notes printing.