Design and Print the Highest Quality Business Cards in Hong Kong

Call in the experts when you want to design and print business cards in Hong Kong. Make sure your cards are ready for any market in Asia or around the world. From the front-and-back designs, it's good to use locally, in mainland China or in Japan to designs especially suited to other global business cultures.

Make your business cards stand out from the crowd. If you're in some industries, you may be presented with a dozen business cards or more every week. How will you make sure that yours have that little something special which makes them stand out? MBE's graphic design specialists know how to perfect your business card design.

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Печать производится на различных типах бумаги: матовой, глянцевой или шёлковой. Каждый из них имеет свои преимущества и недостатки. Матовая бумага отлично передает цвета ярких фотографий, но со временем может потускнеть, стать хрупкой. Глянцевая — отлично передает всю палитру цветов, устойчива к влаге, но поверхность фотографии легко повредить и испачкать. Шёлковая бумага обладает всеми преимуществами глянцевой бумаги, а также избавлена от ее недостатков: она не бликует и устойчива к механическим повреждениям.

Choose from a number of different finishing options. Whether you want a standard card, gloss, matte or some other kind of finish, this will all be a part of the design process we can assist you with - or follow your instructions when you've already made the decision.

Create any size of print run. The advanced digital and offset printing equipment in your local MBE Center can turnaround huge quantities of high-quality cards in very little time. We provide a one-hour printing service for when you're in a real hurry.

Get your cards delivered to your door. Whether you've ordered your cards in person or uploaded your design to us and ordered them online, you can always simply provide your home or business address and have us send them along as soon as they're ready for you.

Start production or get a few final design recommendations for your business cards today. Get in touch with us online, by phone or by heading into your local MBE Center in person.

Price table

Size 50 100 200 500 1000 2000
Single Sided
Double Sided


Bleed (90x55 / 90x50 / 85x55)

90x55 mm / 90x50 mm / 85x55 mm

Trim (90x55 / 90x50 / 85x55)

94x59 mm / 94x54 mm / 84x59 mm

Safety (90x55 / 90x50 / 85x55)

84x49 mm / 84x44 mm / 74x49 mm


300 dpi

Color Space

Convert your design to CMYK for more accurate colors

Acceptable File Formats


Bleed area

This is the area which the background color/graphics should cover if it is printed to the edge of the product.

Trim area

This is where final cut will be made to make your product the final size. That's why we have the bleed area - to make sure your background comes right to the edge.

Safe area

Any text or graphics placed inside the dotted line is safe from trimming. Important elements should be placed within the safe area.

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